One of the things that makes me feel alive the most is to seduce a woman. There is something extremely pure, primal, and somehow even mystical about it. I feel that by channeling my energies to create the opportunity for my sexual energy to express, I allow myself to be what I was originally meant to be as a human. And in doing this I am fulfiling my own purpose as a human, which I consider a sacred gift. 

But by approaching sex as a sacred gift, I am also rebelling against a system that distorts sexuality by idolizing it. This society has stripped sexuality from its original meaning of a pure union between two opposite forms of energy. Instead of being a sacred union between a man and a woman, sexuality has become the exact opposite: a commodity, that can be traded and exchanged on the marketplace, like any other product, but that has lost its original value. 

A similar distortion has happened to religion, which should be a medium of love, hope and happiness, but so far has only created war, fear and suffering. 

Sex is where we come from

It’s not a coincidence that many spiritual masters such as George Gurdjieff and Rajneesh have always given great importance to sexual energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy on Earth and has an opposite force that is equally powerful: fear. Sexual energy is outward, Fear is inward. Sex is active, fear is passive. Sex creates, fear destroy. Have you noticed? Whenever you are in a pure state of fear, whatever the reason, sexual thoughts disappear completely, and it is impossible to be sexually aroused, no matter how hard you try. These two forces are so opposites that cannot coexist. As a matter of fact, one of the best methods to calm down when you think you are in fear (but you aren’t), is by concentrating on sexual thoughts. And if you can do that and experience even a tiny bit of arousal, it means that your fear wasn’t pure or real in the first place.

Sexual energy is so powerful that not only moves everything on Earth; it also creates everything. Sex is where we come from and it’s where we spend our life trying to come back to. The ultimate purpose of humans on this Earth is the most basic one and it is to survive and reproduce. Whether you realize it or not, everything that you do since you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep is, ultimately, linked to this very purpose of surviving and reproducing.


The art of seduction and the seduction of art

Seduction is like an art, comparable to playing a musical instrument, painting, or writing a novel or a musical piece. And and such, artists have always been also the greatest seducers. The reason is, art is very much feminine. A man that knows art is a man that knows women more. And a man that creates art, is the ultimate seducer because he is capable of picking up emotions and shape them into something that can be felt by senses. The ability to create is the quality of sexual energy. A man that can create something will, inevitably, also be a very sexual man. This is why the greatest artists are also very sexual people. Picasso, Mozart, DaVinci, were all very sexual men, and their immense sexual creative energy was sublimated through their art. Be it through art or sex, the greatest artists have a natural impulse to create. Art is just another way through which they can express their creative energy.

Compared to other men, artists are more familiar with the language of emotions. An ordinary, non-artist man may master the ordinary language, the language used to describe objects or processes. An ordinary man will know the language of worldly things. He will possess the right tools to survive in this society. He may have a certain, specific knowledge of some sort, acquired through university studies or experience. But none of this knowledge is useful for the purpose of seducing a woman. Women cannot fall in love with an ordinary man that speaks of ordinary things. The only woman an ordinary man can seduce is his own wife.

Not everyone is born an artist, and some men will never be artist. However, if a man wants to experience what really means to be a man, he will need to become closer to art, at least in some way. The more a man learns and practices art, the more he will understand the language of emotions, the more he will be in tune with his and a woman’s sexuality, and he will know the triggers that make a woman feel attracted to him.

The language of emotions does not have a specific vocabulary or grammar. It’s not about choosing the right words, but about using the right tonality and expression. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what you talk about at all, but rather how you talk to a woman, and the emotions that you create in a woman, or a person for that matter. Much like playing an instrument, mastering the language of emotions requires practice, also because in our lives things and processes, ultimately, matter more than emotions. Hence most men are not able to speak the language of emotions, simply because they don’t use it enough.

The crisis of art and sex

Despite all of the above, the archetype of the artist seducer has now undeniably come to an end, and so has the art of seduction, and, I dare to say, even art itself. In the world we live in there’s less and less space for art, music, and emotions, and more and more demand for instant gratification and power. We live in an increasingly desensitized, emotionless world, more than ever before. Relationships are becoming meaningless and art and music are dull, bland and uninspired. Sexuality has lost its connection with feelings and love, and is now traded on the marketplace as a product or service. Sexuality is now simply an imitation, a shadow of a real connection between two souls.

While I would not want to paint a gloomy picture, I still feel obliged to speak the truth. The crisis of art and sex is gradually leading developed societies to the verge of degenerating into a Brave New World kind of scenario. The effects of this transformation are very obvious and visible to the naked eye, if you pay enough attention. If humanity does not free itself from the power of the elites, soon there will be no seducers left because there will be no real woman to seduce, because all men and women will have turned into gender-less robots. And there will be no artists left either, as we will be only programmed to consume, and then be disposed of for the next generation of robots to take over. .

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