In this video, I tell the story of a man who wasted his life so that you won’t do the same with yours.

A lot of people waste their entire life. They live their whole life chasing something, convinced that once they reach their goal, whatever it might be, they will finally be happy. They have expectations: they are waiting for the greatest feelings, the best moments, the best emotions to come their way at some point in time, sooner or later…

Until one day, helplessly, you’ll watch life slipping away from your hands. And you’ll wonder why you never lived those moments you were expecting to live, you never felt those emotions that you wanted to feel so badly. You then become possessed by regret and think that you have perhaps wasted our life chasing these goals, and that you would have lived it differently if you had another chance.

But why does this happen? How can you possibly” waste” your life? I’ve heard a story:

Sufian, the man who wasted his life

A wise man named Sufian was about to die and his family was gathered around him. At one point Sufian started crying and trembling, and as tears were flowing down his face, someone asked him: ”What’s the matter? Why are you crying?”.

Old man on his deathbed. 1899 by Gustav Klimt

The old man, replied using his last drops of energy: “I will meet God soon, and he’s not going to ask me: <<Sufian why you were not a Gandhi?>>. Because if he asks me that, I will say: <<Lord, you didn’t give me the qualities of a Gandhi>>” .Then there will be no problem. And he will not ask me: <<Sufian, why were you not a Dalai lama?”>>. I will tell him: <<Sir, you never gave me the qualities of a Dalai Lama , that’s why>>. I’ll be fine in that case also.

But I am crying because if he asks: <<Sufian, why were you not a Sufian?>>, then I will have nothing to answer. I will have to look down in shame. That’s why I am trembling and these tears are flowing. My whole life I tried to become Gandhi or the Dalai Lama or somebody else, and I completely forgot that he just wanted me to be me. He just wanted me to be Sufian, and nobody else. Now I am trembling, now I am afraid. If he asks this question, what am I going to answer? How will I be able to raise my eyes when he says: <<Why were you not a Sufian? You were given all the qualities of being a Sufian, how did you miss?>>. And I have missed my life in imitating others.”

There is only one way to waste your life is by try to live someone else’s life, by trying to be someone that you’re not. Most people live life as an imitation of others.  But you are already a masterpiece, you do not need to become anyone or anything. You and only you have all the qualities to be yourself.

If you feel like you are wasting your life, try to focus on who you really are. Focus on your deepest core and try to align to what you really want, to your truest self, to what makes you happy, and stay on that path. Live your moments and your emotions as they come, without judging them or comparing them to those of other people.

If you follow your path, when you get to the end of your journey, you will have no regrets. Regardless of whether you achieved your goals or not, you will know that you were true to yourself all along. You lived your life in the best possible way, instead of wasting it by imitating others.

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