There is a fundamental rule you can live your life by to achieve the best spiritual balance and feel more grounded. It’s the two-to-three rule. This is not some kind of weird astrological thing or other tarot reading nonsense. This is just a simple tool that I use to live my life, and that I have discovered simply by experimentation. It is driven by the natural order of things. It is obvious that if we simply follow what’s most natural instead of imposing our own society on nature, our life will flow more harmoniously.

Reality is made out of dualities or opposite poles: light/darkness, day/night, male/female, positive/negative, yin/yang, sound/silence, life/death, mind/non-mind. Each of those poles cannot exist without its opposite. Darkness is just absence of light, and without darkness there wouldn’t be such thing as light. Similarly, sound can only exist if silence exists, too. And how could you die if life did not exist and death could not take it away from you? And certainly, life would not be possible if there was only one sexual polarity. Life needs both male and female to be created, and both male and female life need to come together into one to create more life. I define the “active” pole as a green color, and the passive as blue.

The Duality Of Reality

Light Darkness

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I did not include good and evil in this duality structure, simply because good and evil do not exist “per se”, in reality as we know it, and they are just a creation of society. Similarly, by positive/ negative, I don’t mean to associate any morality or doctrine-fueled concept of positive and negative. I simply refer to the physical quality of a positive and negative charge that attract each other. In truth, positive and negative are simply two opposite poles of the same force that governs life, and that is also expressed through the other opposite poles listed above. Positive is a male force, and negative is a female force, because positive is active, masculine. and negative means receptive, or feminine, so it’s “negative” in a physical sense. And in fact, all of those bipolar entities listed above can easity be replaced with male / female without altering their ultimate quality whatsoever.

Each one of us, both men and women, experience both sides of reality every day. For example. when you work, you are using your active/masculine part, and when you relax you are using your passive / feminine part. But do not misunderstand me: this is not to say that females are always inactive and males always active. This is simply to say that masculine energy is naturally active and feminine energy naturally passive, but both male and female have both masculine and feminine energies. Men used to have more masculine energy than women, but today this is no longer the case. The world we live in has become very masculine, incredibily masculine. I say that having a world that is too masculine is dangerous and unnatural, especially for women that are losing touch with their femininity in his century. It is a world that’s too masculine for men, let alone for women.

A Two-To-Three Rule To Live

To live as naturally and optimally as possible, practice the 2-to-3 rule. Practically, it goes like this: Divide the time you need to perform any activity in your daily life into 5 parts. Two parts out of five will be active, and three parts out of five will be passive. For example, for every 2 hours spent working, relax for 3 hours. So in a given day, if you work 8 hours, relax for 12 hours. These hours don’t need to be continuous, you can just distribute them during the day.the two to three rule

When you talk, focus on the pauses between your words. If you talk for a long period of time, the pauses should roughly add up to 3/5 of your speech and the time spent talking only to 2/5. If you were to invert those and speak for 3/5 of the time instead, you would notice that your talk would sound too fast. Even half and half would still be too tight. The perfect balance is two to three. This way whoever listens to you has the time to absorb and process the information. The talk also sounds more balanced and easy to follow. If you listen to me talking in my videos, you’ll notice that I also follow this pattern.

During your day-to-day activies, focus on your breathing, too. Count the second you normally spend breathing in and breathing out, at different times. Watch how it changes when you are relaxed and when you are nervous or under stress. Breathe in for 2 seconds, breathe out for 3 seconds. Make it wider, and breathe in for 4 seconds, breathe out for 6. Keep the 2-to-3 rule as you go up. Whenever you feel anxious or nervous, remind yourself to focus on your breathing, and use the two-to-three rule. Many types of meditation also feature this pattern. In this way the inactive, let-go side has a slight edge on the active, dominant side. Meditation needs the non-mind to function over the mind, but that doesn’t mean that you need to suppress the mind. It just means that the non-mind is the master,a nd the mind the servant. The non-mind is in control, has it has

Blue Energy Has A Slight Edge On Green

Most people do not live by a two-to-three rule and this is why there is so much chaos, disparity and suffering. Most people don’t even live 1-to-1. It is more like 3-to-1, or 4-to-1, with the balance shifted heavily towards the active/masculine part. People work too much, talk too much, think too much, and spend little time relaxing, being silent and meditating (opposite of thinking). You might be fooled into thinking that it would make sense if one would spend half of the time in an active “masculine” state and half in a non-active, relaxed “feminine”, state. In this case it would be 1-to-1, or 2-to-2.

But the truth is, the natural balance of reality is slightly in favor of blue energy. It’s far easier and natural to spend most part of your day relaxing than working, even though you probably have noticed that work is not only necessary but also natural. Muscles can work for long, but need nearly double the time to recover, and even more to recover fully. The sun stays up in the sky for less than half of the time in a year, and in most places on Earth for only about 2/3 of the total hours in a year.  And we all know that feminine energy can create and nurture life with very little input from a male, and we should preserve this order instead of making women more masculine and men more feminine.


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